6. Extreme climbs Calpe

Very hard climbs but with above 12% parts some up to 23%

I Consider all of these climbs as very hard and only suitable for people that have very low gearing or have great form.

1. CV-715 – collao

The toughest part is saved at the end, after the village Benimaurel, the ascent percentages go up in the sky after a already long climb. At the top you will be rewarded with a fabulous view. There is also a restaurant called La Venta Del Collao.


2. Coll de Rates 2.0 Summit

This is the normal Coll de Rates but with an extra 3km of Pain to the sky and will finish at a viewing platform for the fire brigade. When you reach the top of the normal Rates take a right turn and pass the Restaurant there will be a short trail of gravel and stones. Quickly it turns back into a concrete Road. Be Carfull descending this your speed will quickly increase and the road is narrow.

3. Cumbre del Sol – Extreme

This variant has not yet been ridden in The Vuelta yet, understandable the other variant is steep enough already. Take strong legs or a 32 cassette. This climb is not as long as the other climbs but the gradient is the extreme rise percentages in the urbanization Jazzmines you turn immediately left where the heaviest point lies with this version up to 23%.

Climb from the Side
23% ahead

4. Villalonga climb

5. Alto Miserat

This road has been gravel, until now mid 2019. This climb is very very hard from the gun. The first 3km are very steep with tough rolling asfalt. Followed by small flat part. Then picking up again with 5 tot 9% avg. Until km 5. Followed by again very steep parts up to 20% the last km’s after a right turn you enter a narrow cycling path road to the antennas and summit with incredible views over the Mediterranean sea and the inlands of the Costa Blanca.